Nov 05

Gospel Study Journal – News (11/05/2012)

We have an update on the progress of the Gospel Study Journal!  We’ve been working our tails off to get the last parts of the study journal designed and put into place.  We’re almost ready to make it available to folks who want to experience a brand new way to study the Gospel.  We are thrilled to make this available!

After the study journal is made available, we would like to put together a separate section.  Using this section, users can request that we add certain features or tools to the study journal.  Additionally, you’ll have the ability to vote for those features or tools that you really want added.  Then, each time we are ready to add new things to the study journal, we’ll take a look at what has the most votes.  That way, we’re adding the things that you want.

For more details on the journal we’re referring to, see “The Gospel Study Journal.”