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Gospel Study Journal

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As you study the Gospel, you are digging deeply into whatever sacred text you are reading.  Your goal will usually be to gain a deeper understanding of the Lord, the Atonement, or perhaps how some specific principle works.  In doing this, it is often helpful to have a place where you can write things down.  This may include thoughts, scripture references, diagrams, experiences, or other such things.

Should you do this with a pen and a notebook, you will then have to remember where you wrote things down.  What if you could do it electronically?  You could then search through your own notes quickly and easily to find whatever you wrote, no matter how long ago.

Gospel Study Journal

Such a Gospel Study Journal is what we offer.  You can link your entries together, or link them to scripture references or passages.  Entries can be tagged with keywords.  You may even include citations to other works in your notes.  This allows for non-conventional ways of studying and comparing related entries that you have written.

You can search by keyword, scripture reference, or look at all notes attached to the one you have open.  It becomes your own, personal, searchable knowledge base.  You can use it to reference any note that you have ever written on any topic.

The unique thing about the journal that we offer is that you can create a PDF file of it at any time.  This means you can print it and make a book out of it whenever you desire.

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