Jan 25

Conversion is a Process, Not Just an Event

Sometimes, we might get impatient with the process of having a change of heart. Reading in “Alive in Christ,” by Robert L. Millet, I came upon something that brought mental clarity in that regard. Brother Millet says, “In a way, being born again is both an event and a process. It involves a moment or a season of decision, a resolve to change and improve, as well as a process that continues throughout our lives.  We are born again line upon line, precept upon precept.  Even those who have had an instantaneous conversion must learn to live by faith, walk in the light of the Spirit, and incorporate the powers of Christ and of his Spirit for the remainder of their days.  Truly, ‘now is our salvation nearer than when we believed’ (Romans 13:11).” (Alive In Christ, Robert L. Millett, p.197)

Jan 24

Journal Edition of the Book of Mormon

At Deseret Book this morning, I noticed that there were Books of Mormon that were so-called “Journal” editions. As I opened one up, I quickly figured out why. They have over-sized margins so that you can write a lot more out to the side of the verses.

This is great news for us. Each time you create a note, it gets a note number and you create a title for it. You write this out in the margin of each scripture that you link to that note. This allows you to quickly refresh your memory of what the note is or look it up in your journal if you want to, whether that’s online or in the PDF of your notes that you can create and carry with you (either digitally in a device or printed out).

If you’d like to take a look at these journals, here is a link:

Book of Mormon – Journal Edition