Apr 22

Online Scripture Study Journal

Would you like an LDS Scripture Study journal? Take a look at what our study journal has to offer.

The Gospel study journal:

  • gives you the full LDS scriptures online
  • allows you to quickly retrieve notes and ideas that you have recorded.
  • makes it easy to share these ideas with others.
  • makes it easy to remember the entire thought you had when you made the note.
  • allows for new inspiration – not bind you to only what you’ve already learned.
  • helps keep your scriptures from wearing out because of over-marking them.
  • helps prevent losing all of your notes should your scriptures get lost.
  • provides some structure without being overly rigid.

The journal entries you create can be linked together. You can tag them with keywords. You can link scripture references to them. Entries may also contain citations from other books which you feel are relevant.

Take a look at the QuickStart Guide to see how easy it is to use.

We want to your feedback!

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