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What This Isn’t

Managing expectations is useful in helping folks with new tools, concepts, or topics.  As we offer a free tool for all, it seems appropriate to share a few thoughts about what this site is not.  It is our hope that in doing so, we might be able to help outline what to expect from your experience here.

A Searchable Database

In past years, we have done much research using incredible software applications.  These programs included thousands of books, discourses, and other works as part of the system.  The study journal provided by this site does not include any such searchable material.  The only information available for you to search is contained in your study journal entries.  Should you wish to copy passages from other texts into your notes, you may do so.  That information stays private to you, and is not available for anyone else to search through.

The only exception is that, at some point, the entire Standard Works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be searchable from your study journal.

An Apologetic Site

Sufficient sites exist for LDS apologetic purposes.  Many of the contributors to these sites have been doing so for decades.  For an excellent LDS apologetic resource, see the FAIR site.  The purpose of ldsscripturestudy.com is to give folks a place to store their thoughts, ideas, and inspiration.  There will be very little, if any, public discussion about the truthfulness of a given concept.  Users may wish to share entries with other users whom they know, but the principal purpose is to provide a suitable environment and tools for everyone to study the Gospel at their own pace.

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