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Getting Started

Select a method of study that best suits you.  In the “Ways to Study” section, we list a number of ways to study the Gospel.  Primarily, we focus on two main types of studying.  They are profitable methods because they will:

  • not cause your scriptures to wear out from over-marking them.
  • not cause you to lose all of your notes should your scriptures get lost.
  • make it easy to share thoughts and ideas with others.
  • make it easy to remember the entire thought you had when you made the note.
  • allow for new inspiration – not bind you to only what you’ve already learned.
  • provide some structure but are not overly rigid.
  • allow you to quickly retrieve notes and thoughts that you have recorded.

Set up a Study Journal so you can organize your study notes.  Create your own study journal if you don’t already have one.  They are free.  Everything you put into your Study Journal will be kept private.

As you study, write down thoughts and inspiration.  The journal entries you create can be linked together.  You can tag them with keywords.  You can link scripture references to them.  Entries may also contain citations from other books which you feel are relevant.

To get started, take a look at the Quick Start Guide.

2 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. im looking to build my journal on line, is there a on line cloud version or app?
    Or like a overlay templet I could set up in like evernote?

    • I am working on making the online study journal available to everyone. I only have a few things left to fix or add, and then I’ll make it public so everyone can use it. Thanks for the visit!

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