Mar 09

What Do We Know About the Mulekites?

An informative article came to my attention recently regarding the Mulekites.  What is really known about their origin and background?  What information can we glean from their brief mention in the Book of Mormon?  What became of them?  This article from the March 1987 Ensign answers these and a host of other questions that you may not even know you had.


“A serious reader of the Book of Mormon will at some point likely ask himself how much is known about the Mulekites and about the role they played among Book of Mormon civilizations.

The thirty verses which comprise the Book of Omni, although written by five lesser-known authors, provide answers to many questions.

Just prior to his death, Amaleki completed the Book of Omni by briefly recording the account of King Mosiah’s discovery of the people of Zarahemla—the Mulekites. Without this brief record we would know little concerning the conversion of the Mulekites from an atheistic people into some of the most faithful Saints in the entire Book of Mormon.”

Read the entire article: The Mulekites – by Garth A. Wilson

Feb 26

Gospel Study Journal – Now In Beta

After way too long, we are proud to announce the availability of our new online Study Journals.  We are currently in the testing phase.  We are looking for a few brave souls who are interested in creating their own, private online study journal (they’re free).  Then, we’d like for you to poke around to see how things work.  In a few days, we’ll have a way for folks to provide feedback.  Write us about things you’d like to see, things that don’t appear to work the way you’d like, and any other questions of comments you have for us.  If you’d like to have all of your study notes in a single place, drop by and create your own study journal.  We’d love to see you!

What is the study journal? explains the purpose of this site and what it can do for you.

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Nov 09

Journal of Discourses and History of the Church – Text Available Online

Reading books is such a great thing to do.  Do you know what is even better than that?  Having an electronic copy of the text so that you can search through it!  What’s even better than that?  Having electronic copies of the Journal of Discourses and the History of the Church!  For anyone who may wish to have these texts, they are available below:

Journal of Discourses – The entire text is available in a well-organized, easy to read format. Available Here

History of the Church – The text is made available by the BOAP project.  Available Here

Having these texts means that you can download them, read them, and search through them for specific words.  Should you be a computer programmer, or know someone who is, you might analyze the texts different ways.  Of course, you could also put them on your mobile device for reading on-the-go.

What a treasure these two sets are.  There is so very much that can be learned about the beginning of this Last Dispensation from these two works.  Enjoy your studies of the Gospel!

Oct 09

BYU Religious Education Review

Creating an edifying and uplifting environment and atmosphere for yourself is conducive to your desire to be the best person that you can.  Hanging photos on your walls of the Lord, the leadership of the Church, or temples can serve this purpose.  In addition, informative and worthwhile books and magazines can help perform this function.  Many likely have the Scriptures and the Ensign close by.  But do you have your copy of the BYU Religious Education Review?

From the site, a description of this magazine is given as follows:

“BYU Religious Education Review magazine provides readers with information about BYU’s college of Religious Education, the Religious Studies Center (RSC), the Religious Educator journal, our most recent books published, the latest information from BYU’s Religious Education, including interviews, commentary, articles, advancements, awards, and often features faculty members who are making news and realizing extraordinary accomplishments.”

The subscription for the semi-annual magazine is free.  Those who wish to take advantage of this marvelous resource may do so on the SUBSCRIPTION PAGE.  You may also call 801-422-6975 if you wish to subscribe by phone.

Each issue includes recent discoveries and scholarly developments made since the last issue.  Also included are dates of conferences and symposia that will be held in the six months following the publication of that issue.  The events are generally free of charge, and registration is not usually required.  Take a look at the CONFERENCES AND SYMPOSIA page for further details.

This is a recommended resource for those who wish to keep current on Gospel Scholarship.