Mar 11

My Response to “Letter to a CES Director”

For a long time, the “Letter to a CES Director” bothered me for two reasons. The first reason was that it felt like an attempt to destroy folks’ testimonies more than to honestly present true questions out of curiousity and to explore the truth. The second reason was that its approach was fundamentally flawed. This is my humble response to the “Letter to a CES Director,” presented in a much different format than other responses. The concept that I present in this ebook is that once you follow the Lord’s method of gaining a true testimony of the primary, basic, core truths, the secondary ones, such as those in the “Letter to a CES Director” won’t bother you in the least. I fully believe that if you internalize every concept covered in the ebook, that you will be founded on a solid testimony, and will be able to dismiss the “Letter to a CES Director” and any other such work as the thinly-veiled attempt that they are to destroy your testimony.

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